9 thoughts on “Gulsvik, Buskerud, Norway

  1. Great ride, innit bro??! ❤️

  2. arjanvanderoest says:

    #nocharging #flatbattery #rangeanxiety 😂

  3. explomondo says:

    @arjanvanderoest 😂😂

  4. explomondo says:

    @fdurieux Love it. I’ll debrief you on my won’t recharge experience though in arctic temperatures 😊

  5. Awesome!

  6. @explomondo won’t recharge???!!

  7. explomondo says:

    @fdurieux 3.5 hours of waiting while the temperature was dropping. And 20km in driving in emergency mode as the displays were stuck like windows millennium, couldn’t even see my speed. And this is 100K piece of high tech is one month old. But ehm. It drives again and we are reunited in pure love

  8. gb_cest_moi says:


  9. @explomondo aaaah…. large console as well as dashboard stuck?? Must be the cold. You can reset the computer by simultaneously pushing down the 2 scroll buttons at the left and right side of your steering wheel. Also, about 30mins before you’re about to get into your car, preheat it via the Tesla app; this not only warms up the interior to your chosen temp, but also warms up the battery for optimal driving.

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